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To Provide Every Customer... with the Highest Quality Distribution Service in Order to Maximize Our Clients Exposure in Their Target Market.
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Door to door delivery... National, Regional or Local in scope, Harper Distribution can design an effective and affordable distribution solution to meet the needs of your business. Harper Distribuiton specializes in the distribution of independant directories with an emphasis on door to door and drop zone distribuiton.... One directory to every home or business within a designated distribution area. Working closely with MarketMaps, we create the most current, up-to-date mapping for the market. Real time tracking on all distribution vehicles allows the Publisher to watch their distribution from their desktop (see the "Tracking" page for more details). We can also provide poly bags and a warehouse suitable for distribution and storage all within a pre-determined budget. Coast to Coast...Harper Distribution will get your product, advertisement or sample delivered straight to your customers door! Challenge us to deliver your product!
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Our Goal... is toreach every consumer within the distribution area. To accurately and thoroughly penetrate the target market during the distribution canvas. Each project is led by one of our distribution supervisors. Using Telenav Track, our vehicles are equiped with a tracking devise that can be viewed online by our customers. Also, daily audit calls are made to verify that the products arebeing placed in the right hands. We provide an end-of-market distribution report summarizing the delivery and circulation. We also provide our customers with any market research or recommendations we have gathered during the duration of the distribution. If it needs to be delivered door to door-We always provide more!

Harper Distribution

The Harper Distribution Group works in conjunction with your local sales team to distribute your message, your way! Our goal is to accurately and thoroughly deliver your publication directly to the consumer. Every client is provided with an end-of-market distribution summary report as well as an online "live tracking" portal. Service, quality & accountability delivered for you!

Our Mission For You...

To Provide Every Customer With the Highest Quality Distribution Service in Order to Maximize  Our Clients Exposure in Their Target Market.

We Deliver...

Door Hangers
Product Samples
Telephone Directories
Demographic Deliveries
Saturation Deliveries
Address-Specific Deliveries

We Are Your Complete Distribution Service!

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